Eye Examinations Thorough and Fully Comprehensive

Our Optometrists use their vast knowledge of eyes and ocular health to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive, thorough and professional examination possible undertaken in a well equipped sight testing environment.

Contact Lenses Comfortable Option

Contact Lens examinations at Chatoo & Co. include a full, thorough examination of the front surface of the eye and your suitability for wearing contact lenses. With the ever-increasing popularity of contact lenses, our opticians ensure that your eyes are properly looked after.

In-House Glazing Fastest Service

Our practices work with some of the top Lens suppliers in the UK such as Essilor, Nikon, Zeiss and WLC. This allows us to bring you the latest varifocal and occupational lenses, along with a wide variety of upgrades including Transition, Multiple tints, Anti-reflection coatings and more.